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self love.

This is the year where my focus will shift. This is the year that I choose self. This is the year where I love myself despite my imperfections. This is the year where I find contentment in the now. This is the year that I give myself grace. 

I know Im not alone when I say I struggle with feeling like Im not enough. That Im not worthy. That Im not beautiful. I know Im not alone because I've had far too many conversations with other women about it.  Why is this? What is it about todays society that leaves us feeling less than? Where is this shift coming from? 

I think the why for each of us will differ slightly. But I have a good idea where most of it stems from. The rise of social media.

Think about it. Theres so much visibility now.  Its so simple to compare. Its almost impossible not to.  I scroll through my Instagram and Facebook feed and its flooded with posts from pages and friends (all with great intentions) pushing perfection in my face.

The purpose of social media is to create a sense of community and connectedness, yet its so isolating.

Im left feeling like Im less than. Not enough. That I don't have it all together.  Am I the only one thats carrying around extra weight? The only one that struggles with being a mother? That doesn't love it every day? The only one that doesn't always feel connected with my husband? The only one that doesn't have a home cooked meal on the table every single evening?  The only one thats feeling completely worn out? Thats emotionally and physically drained? So I work harder, but no matter how hard I work I never feel better. And thats because I stop truly caring for myself in an attempt to reach this unattainable and invisible bar society has set.

And its not just social media guys. Start paying attention to all the little facets of your life. Were subtly told every day that were not enough. In the magazines and books we read, the shows we watch, even commercials. But here's the thing. You are enough. And you need to start rewiring your brain to acknowledge that. All those imperfections you have? Those are the little things that make you who you are. So I challenge you to embrace yourself wherever you're at today and find peace and contentment in it.  Learn to say no. Learn to take time for yourself. Learn to give yourself grace. Learn to let the guilt go. Learn to find the beauty in your body. Learn how to love yourself again. Because if you can figure out how to do that you will soon discover the best version of yourself. You'll be a better mother, a better wife, a better friend. And isn't that really all we want? 

This will be my journey for 2018. 

{wondering how this applies to my photography? stay tuned.}