Natural light photographer, Sarah Houser, captures stunning portraits specializing in lifestyle, family and maternity photojournalism.  

Meet Me


Hi there.

Im so glad you decided to stop by and check out my new website! I've poured a ton of time, heart and soul into making it. Hopefully you get a good feel for my personality, style and heart.

If you haven't already noticed, Im very passionate about capturing the heart and soul of a family. Being able to freeze those moments where you can see the genuine and authentic love and emotion within families. These are always my favourites. These are the images that end up on my wall in our living room. This is what drives me.  The pictures that make me smile because I'm brought back to that moment in time. No matter what session Im doing, my focus is always the same. I want to show the realness, the authenticity of the moment, of that split second in time. Yes, I will help with posing, but in the end it's you, your children, your family who will bring the photograph to life. I want to create images for you to fall in love with.

To be able to capture these moments I love so much, I need you to be able to relax and be the true you. And for you to relax, you need to be comfortable around me. So welcome to my first blog post.

Meet me, I'm Sarah. 

 We all have a story, here's my short version.... Born and raised in Canada. Moved to Austin, Texas with my family when I was ten. Met a sweet boy in high school who chose the Air Force Academy after graduation. Married this sweet boy several years later. Moved to Virginia. Adopted a dobie. Had a baby. Became a US citizen. Finding ourselves on the move every couple of years. Doing our best to raise a 2 year old. And thats how we ended up in Wichita, Kansas... which we LOVE. Whole heartedly we have fallen in love with this city and its people.


Evenings are my favorite part of the day. I love when it rains. I'll drink any wine you throw my way. I hate clutter, messy makes me anxious (ask my extremely patient husband). Reading is my happy place. I'm an animal lover. I listen to my music way too loud. I like to be busy. I hate bugs, like really hate. I can't start the day without coffee. Reality tv is my downfall. My family holds my heart. I prefer simplicity. Retail therapy all the way. The ocean calms me, its gotten me through some ugly times. My little Levi makes me smile every day. Unsolicited hugs from him are my favorite. Nothing rejuvenates me like taking a good picture. I love Jesus. My husband is my best friend. 

Feel like you know me yet? I hope so. Im glad you are here.


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