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Retail Therapy

Retail Therapy: can I get an "amen"?!


Much to my husbands displeasure I am a huge retail therapy girl. And I'll confess, its a hobby. Go ahead and laugh, I've been made fun of before for admitting that. My mom always says, "there's nothing that can't fix a bad day like a new pair of shoes and a cup of tea". I come by it honestly. Moving can be stressful (reminder: we go where Uncle Sam sends us) and typically one of the first things I do is scout out all the shops in the area so I can make myself at home.  I love good ole Old Navy and Macy's just like the next girl, but my absolute favorite is finding all the cute little boutiques. Shops I'll miss once we move, but will thoroughly love in the moment. My current favorites are Francesca's (this shop is not just Wichita local, so thats a bonus) and Oaklyn Reece Boutique.


And then I discovered Style Tribe.


We went to a pop up artisan market at The Workroom (another place you Wichitans need to check out if you haven't already), and there's this adorably painted TRUCK (yes truck) that was calling to me. Style Tribe is a mobile boutique and it's amazing. You walk in and it doesn't even feel like you're in a truck. Wood flooring, a metal paneled ceiling, apparel and jewelry lining the walls. Guys, she even has a fitting room. Its amazing. 

And then I met Madison, the owner of Style Tribe. Every time I went shopping in her truck I found myself talking with her. She's that type of person where conversation is effortless. I can't say enough good things about her. She creates such a warm and inviting vibe as soon as you step inside her shop. So when I began brainstorming on what small business I could bless and collaborate with, she was naturally the first person I thought of.  She's creating more of an online presence for her boutique so clients can shop from the comfort of their homes if they prefer, so the timing was perfect; she wanted photos of her fall inventory. Plus, she was coming up on celebrating her one year business anniversary (woohoo!) so pictures of her with her truck were obviously a must!

Madison//Style Tribe Boutique Owner 

Madison//Style Tribe Boutique Owner 

Ready to shop with Madison yet? Follow the below links to get connected. And in the mean time, enjoy a sneak peak of some of her fall inventory!