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There are a thousand reasons to love Kansas, this is only one 

Another birthday come and gone. This one really snuck up on me. The months seem to be moving so quickly, the days even faster. With life feeling so hectic lately I opted for a day of relaxation. Seriously, we did nothing and it was great.  As the day came to an end we decided to get in the car for an evening drive in search of a sunflower field. I know, random. It had been on my to do list, so why not? After all, we live in Kansas, the sunflower state. In our short time here I want to soak up as much of this beautiful state as I can.

Small wild "sunflowers" pop up everywhere, typically along the side of the road in ditches, lining fences and traffic signs. This smaller version is actually the states symbol, technically known as helianthus annuus (in case anyone was curious). But I really had my heart set on finding the mammoth sized ones. The ones the size of my face. The ones I buy in the grocery store. The ones that light up every room and can't help but make you smile when you see them. This version is known here as crop sunflowers, because farmers actually grow them as crops. And it's awesome. They're also  surprisingly difficult to find. I scoured the internet, Facebook groups and even the next-door app to see if anyone had any idea where we could find a field. Lots of rumored places and finally a couple more plausible locations. All a good drive away, but we figured it would be worth it. And my husband being the good sport he is, happily drove me around in search of the rumored field. And worth it, it was. The mix of these gorgeous golden flowers with a classic Kansas sunset was everything

Can we also pause for a moment and give my husband props for the photos he took of me and Levi? I've been slowly teaching him my camera, and he nailed it! Husband + wife team, here we come! ;)



Sunflower season is nearing its end, but next year you HAVE to get family pictures done with them. And I would be more than happy to do that for you :) 

Kansas you are beautiful, thank you for your dreamy sunsets and gorgeous flowers. And thank you Kansas Farmers for being so generous and open with your land.