Natural light photographer, Sarah Houser, captures stunning portraits specializing in lifestyle, family and maternity photojournalism.  


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Wife. Mother. Photographer. 

Im a wife and mother first, photographer second.

Let me tell you about how it all began. When I was younger, I stumbled across a bin in my parents attic filled with all of my grandfathers old photography gear. An old film camera, a polaroid camera, a ton of polaroids and a spiral notebook. The notebook was filled with scribbles of apertures and shutter speeds that corresponded to an image. Although I had no idea what any of it meant, a spark was ignited and my curiosity took over. All throughout school I voluntarily took photography courses and it slowly began to consume my heart and time. I even tried to convince my parents to build a darkroom in our house for me (which they surprisingly considered doing!) 

Fast forward a handful of years and that spark has fully taken over my heart. I find so much joy in photographing both my family and yours. I love capturing genuine emotion and those moments that will speak to both our hearts. Those moments that will move you. 



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